Designer Imagines Tesla V11 Software and Apple CarPlay [PICS]

Image: @rodsideas on Twitter

Twitter user @rodsideas recently shared some mock-ups of ‘V11’ of Tesla OS on the Model S Refresh that include support for Apple CarPlay.

The concept mostly conforms to the User Interface and features we saw a couple of months ago in leaked videos and pictures from the interior of a Model S Refresh encountered at a Kettleman City Supercharger in California, with the addition of CarPlay support.

The lack of support for Apple CarPlay (and Android Auto) has been a sore spot for Tesla owners and enthusiasts across the globe, as both technologies have made themselves key components of the in-cabin experience over the last few years.

Image: @rodsideas on Twitter

While Tesla adding support for CarPlay in the next iteration of its automotive OS seems to be quite unlikely, the concept is interesting to take a look at regardless.

Tesla’s Model S refresh is slated to begin deliveries later in the year. Just last month, Model S (and Model X) refresh customers received updated delivery timelines for their vehicles, and a couple of Model S refresh units were spotted trying to set new track records at the Laguna Seca raceway around the same time.

Tesla is set to unveil its Model S Plaid at a delivery event this week on June 10.