Tesla Model S Plaid Captured on Laguna Seca Raceway with Adjustable Rear Wing [VIDEO]



Tesla model s laguna seca

Image via @klwtts

The Kilowatts continue to be Tesla whisperers, spotting Tesla’s Model S refresh on Laguna Seca Raceway in Salinas, California.

“Tesla is currently attempting lap records in a couple of Model S Plaid (possibly a Plaid+) prototypes at Laguna Seca Raceway! They just secured a 1:30:XX (unconfirmed time),” said @klwtts on Twitter about half an hour ago.

Check out more images below, in what looks to be a Model S Plaid on the track, even with an adjustable rear spoiler.

Tesla has been testing its Model S Plaid on Thursday and Friday, says The Kilowatts.

You can chat with The Kilowatts on Clubhouse in just over an hour, as they will be discussing the Model S Plaid they spotted at Laguna Seca Raceway.

Last September, Tesla shared a video of its previous Model S Plaid run at Laguna Seca, with a 1:30.3 lap time.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk previously said, “we think probably there’s another three seconds or more to take off that time,” referring to the Model S Plain lap time at the race track. “We’re confident the Model S Plaid will achieve the best track time of any production vehicle, ever–two door or otherwise,” proclaimed Musk.

It remains to be seen if the Model S Plaid can break its own record, but a lot can change in eight month’s time, in terms of vehicle tweaks related to software and hardware. Let’s wait and find out.


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