Tesla Requests Employee Help for ‘Very High Volume’ of Q3 Deliveries: Report

Although Tesla CEO Elon Musk has previously said he hopes to shift away from end-of-quarter sales pushes, the automaker is expected to have another huge batch of deliveries heading to customers to end the third quarter.

Musk apparently sent an email to employees requesting help for a “very high volume” of third-quarter deliveries, and analysts expect record sales figures in the coming days, according to electrek.

“We will be delivering a very high volume of vehicles to eagerly waiting customers during the final days of Q3,” the email obtained by electrek says. “To help ensure we can delight as many customers as possible, the delivery team is requesting additional support with key delivery-execution tasks,” wrote the alleged Musk email.

Tesla has utilized help from engineers, management and executives in the past to keep up with end-of-quarter deliveries. With tasks ranging from moving, washing and preparing vehicles to actually making the deliveries, this quarter will apparently be similar to those in the past.

Analysts expect Tesla to deliver between 350,000 and 370,000 vehicles, beating out its previous record of around 310,000 units in Q1 this year.

Tesla is expected to report production and delivery numbers over the coming weekend.

On the automaker’s website, Tesla’s delivery estimates in China are down to a one-week minimum following recent production upgrades at Giga Shanghai.