First Tesla CCS Combo 1 Adapters Have Been Delivered to Customers

Photo: u/TheKobayashiMoron

Tesla’s official CCS Combo 1 adapters have begun delivering to customers, as noted on Monday by a Model 3 owner (via Reddit).

The CCS adapter costs $250 in the U.S. and $325 in Canada, offering up to 250 kW at third-party charging stations where Tesla’s proprietary Supercharger connections aren’t available. Tesla launched official sales of the adapter last week.

The CCS adapter lets Tesla drivers plug into regular CCS charging stalls with DC fast-charging, expanding charging possibilities.

The user also recommends attaching the CCS adapter to the cable before plugging it into the car, citing the hardware’s overall size and clunkiness.

Currently, the adapter only works on certain Tesla’s that offer support for the CCS charging hardware, which can be checked by going to the “Additional Vehicle Information” menu in a car’s “Software” section.

Tesla launched the CCS Combo 1 adapter in the U.S. and Canada last week, and the automaker also plans to offer retrofits for the hardware on older vehicles beginning next year.

Before these deliveries, the CCS Combo 1 adapter was only available in South Korea. Many Tesla customers had to use a third-party to obtain the adapter from South Korea, but that is no longer the case for those in the U.S. and Canada.

Have you received your official Tesla CCS Combo 1 adapter?