How to Order a Tesla CCS1 Adapter from Korea and Delivered to the U.S.

Update May 2022: An easier method is to order your Tesla CCS adapter from as many Tesla owners have shared it has been easier to order from.


Tesla drivers across the world can order a CCS1 adapter from South Korea by following a few specific instructions shared by one user on Sunday (via Reddit).

Reddit user u/mwwseattle shared instructions for getting a CCS1 adapter shipped from South Korea, after the adapter was slowly phased out in many markets over the last few years.

This is just one method that appears to have worked for some, so try it at your own risk. The steps involve using a shipping forwarding company called Delivered Korea, and creating an account by linking your U.S. address.

Then, the user went to the Tesla Korea website and ordered a CCS1 adapter to the Delivered Korea Address, which then is forwarded to the user’s home in the U.S.

Here are the steps:

  1. Create a Delivered Korea account here and link your U.S. home address. Delivered Korea will provide you with a South Korean shipping address.
  2. Visit Tesla’s South Korean website and order the CCS1 adapter. Have it delivered to the Delivered Korea address you obtained above. Below is an example of how you should fill out the Tesla shipping address.
  3. “Castle” means first name and “Name” is your last name. The suite number will be specific to what Delivered Korea assigned to you.
  4. Try paying with a Visa or Mastercard, as there were some issues with AMEX. You can also add your Delivered Korea address to your credit card as a secondary shipping address (this may involve calling in).
  5. Once your Tesla website order completes, a message “order completed Unable to check delivery status” will show. But this is normal. Tesla Korea does not provide tracking info.
  6. Email Delivered Korea to say a package from Tesla Korea is coming and you don’t have shipping info to provide.

Your package from Tesla Korea should arrive at the Delivered Korea address in 7-12 days and you will be notified to then fill out a “you buy form” on the website.

Delivered Korea offers Fedex shipping, which costs about $40 for international to the U.S. From here, you can now track the status of your package. The CCS1 Tesla package is 17cm x 19cm x 16cm and weighs 1.3 kilograms.

The total cost for this was roughly $283 USD including the forwarding cost, according to u/mwwseattle.

As a preface to the instructions, the user also says they don’t know if Tesla will stop shipping to South Korean addresses if too many people try it.

With this Tesla CCS1 adapter, you’ll be able to charge your Tesla vehicle at third-party DC fast chargers.

In some tests conducted last year, Tesla users noticed that the automaker’s CCS1 adapters from Korea don’t work at some chargers in the U.S.

However, Tesla announced plans to launch a CCS1 adapter in North America “soon” as of last October, and no word has been shared on the matter since.

If you’re going to give this tutorial a try, let us know in the comments how your experience was in ordering a CCS1 adapter from Tesla Korea and having it forwarded to the U.S. (or any other country).