Tesla Releases FSD Beta 10.69.1 for Download [Update]

Photo: Tesla_Adri

As Tesla rolls its Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta 10.69.1 updates to customers, a few customers are confirmed to have received the new update.

Tesla’s FSD beta 10.69.1 is rolling out to customers, with at least two confirmed updates heading to Texas residents with Model Y Standard Range units (via @Teslascope). The FSD beta update arrived with software update 2022.20.10.

The arrival of 10.69.1 was confirmed after Teslascope noted a Tesla software update 2022.20.10 rolling out to the Model Y. Later, the account confirmed that the update was FSD beta 10.69.1 since the vehicle receiving it was on FSD beta version 10.69 as it began to roll out.

Teslascope also noted that one of the vehicles receiving the update is a Tesla employee.

One user also noted in the thread that it’s a first for Tesla to change the code branch from .16 to .20 on a .1 update release, which marks the first time the automaker has done so.

Tesla’s FSD beta version 10.69.1 is set to roll out to around 1,000 beta customers first, then if it goes well, it will roll out to 10,000 beta customers, according to statements from CEO Elon Musk.

Earlier this month, Musk said that a wider release of FSD was one of his biggest goals for the year.

Tesla is also expected to increase the price of FSD to $15,000 in September, though the current price will be honored for those who make orders before September 5.

Update 1:00pm PDT: FSD 10.69.1 is now releasing for customer testers, as part of the 2022.20.10 software update: