Tesla is Doubling its Supercharger Design Team in Canada

As Tesla moves to a Supercharger plan including non-Tesla vehicles in the U.S., the automaker is simultaneously trying to increase its team and charging network in Canada.

Tesla plans to double its Supercharger design team in Canada, as part of a larger push to deploy more charging stations, as detailed in a post from Supercharger Design Lead Jase Zampini on LinkedIn on Thursday (via electrek).

The automaker is looking for six Supercharger design manager positions, located in Toronto, Kelowna, Calgary, Vancouver and Quebec, according to the announcement made on LinkedIn.

In the post encouraging onlookers to apply, Zampini wrote, “Designing & building EV infrastructure in Canada is a special calling…” Zampini continued, “1. We’re a great big country with a lot of roads. 2. Canadians are transitioning to EVs at a rapid rate, world-class in fact. 3. On occasion it can get chilly and we see a couple snowflakes.”

“This is why Tesla is doubling our specialized Canadian team to lead the charge from coast to coast! Check out the multiple roles available linked to my profile.”

Tesla’s Superchargers ranked first in a recent study about public charging from JD Power released earlier this month.

Tesla Canada R&D, Charging, and...
Tesla Canada R&D, Charging, and Manufacturing teams

A report earlier this week shows Tesla is beginning to deploy V4 Supercharger pedestals in the U.S., which include a larger platform that can hold two separate chargers.