Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas Hits Milestone: 1,000 Cars Made in a Week

Giga texas 1000 cars week

Tesla’s Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, has reportedly hit a milestone of producing 1,000 cars in a week. That’s according to a photo shared by @WholeMarsBlog, showing employees signing a poster with an outline of the factory and “1,000” in the middle.

The electric automaker started limited production of the Model Y at the Gigafactory in Texas back in late 2021 and started first customer deliveries at its Cyber Rodeo event held back in April.

Tesla continues to ramp up production of its newest Gigafactories in Texas and Germany. Musk said on Tesla’s Q2 earnings call in July, Giga Berlin had already reached the 1,000 cars made in a week milestone in June, reiterating the news he had previously shared on Twitter.

He added Giga Texas should similarly reach that 1,000 number “hopefully in the next few months”. Now, it appears Tesla’s Austin Gigafactory has achieved the 1,000 cars per week milestone ahead of schedule.

The company’s Gigafactory in Shanghai, China, reached the 1,000 cars made per week milestone back in December 2019, shortly after opening. Earlier this week, Tesla announced Giga Shanghai had already reached 1 million cars made, adding to the total number of Tesla vehicles sold at 3 million.

Tesla will start production of its Cybertruck at Giga Texas soon, with Musk saying deliveries to begin in mid-2023.