Tesla Model Y Becomes Europe’s Best-Selling Premium SUV, Tops Mercedes GLC

Tesla’s electric SUV has outsold a gas vehicle in Europe’s premium SUV category in the first half of 2022, representing a significant shift toward electric vehicles (EVs).

Tesla’s Model Y has surpassed the Mercedes-Benz GLC in Europe to become the continent’s best-selling premium SUV, according to preliminary data from German firm Dataforce, reported Automotive News Europe last week (via The Driven).

In the first half of 2022, the Tesla Model Y had roughly 41,851 sales, outpacing the Mercedes GLC which had just 40,554.

The Tesla Model Y’s sales were also so strong that Dataforce expects it to become the best-selling premium vehicle in general.

In a statement, Dataforce Senior Auto Analyst Benjamin Kibies, “The Tesla Model Y has been very successful in the European market and it’s set to grow further.”

model y europe sales leader

The data leaves out figures from Finland and Portugal, thus representing pan-Europe sales exclusively.

The third best-selling premium SUV was the BMW X3 (31,138) followed by the Volvo XC60 (27,836).

Besides the Model Y, other EVs in the top 10 included the Audi Q4 E-Tron in seventh (11,182) and the standard edition Audi E-Tron in tenth (9,470).

Tesla also dominated EV sales in Europe in June, with the Model Y garnering 16,758 registrations while the Model 3 had 6,408 registrations.

The Model Y only hit Europe last year, and it was considered one of the most highly-anticipated vehicle arrivals of all time.