New Tesla Superchargers Global Overview: August 1–7, 2022

Check out all of the new Tesla Superchargers that opened up across the world this past week, courtesy of data from and the TMC Forums:

Date Opened Location Number of Stalls Power Rating Official Listing
August 1, 2022 8 Seeweg, Hemsbach, Germany 12 250 kW Tesla
August 2, 2022 The Boynton Town Center at 650 North Congress Avenue, Boynton Beach, FL, USA 16 250 kW Tesla
August 2, 2022 320 Harbison Boulevard, Columbia, SC, USA 16 250 kW Tesla
August 5, 2022 801 Bass Pro Ln, Cary, NC, USA 12 250 kW Tesla
August 6, 2022 9 Via dell’Economia, Porto Sant’Elpidio, Italy 4 250 kW Tesla
August 7, 2022 510 Rue du Docteur Duvrac, Bourg-Achard, France 20 250 kW Tesla

The electric vehicle (EV) maker only added six new locations to its Supercharging network this past week, half as many as the week before.

Tesla’s new 20-stall French Supercharger is also open to EVs from other manufacturers. The company started opening up its Supercharging network in France to non-Tesla EVs back in January.

During the past week, Tesla added a free swimming pool to a 40-stall Supercharger station in Germany — a first for the company. At Tesla’s annual meeting of shareholders on Thursday, company CEO Elon Musk also teased that there’s “some cool stuff happening on the Supercharging front.”