Tesla Adds Free Swimming Pool to Supercharger [VIDEO]

Tesla owners can now beat the heat while charging their cars, at least at one German Supercharger. Earlier this week, the electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer installed a pool at a Supercharging location in Hilden, Germany.

Tesla Welt Podcast on YouTube recently shared a detailed look at the pool, along with an interview with the charging park’s owner. You can check out the full video below:

YouTube video

At Tesla’s annual meeting of shareholders earlier this week, company CEO Elon Musk teased “some cool stuff happening on the Supercharging front.” We’d say an actual swimming pool at a Supercharger definitely qualifies as “cool.”

The Supercharger in question is located at Nordpark 2-4 in Hilden, Germany. It is perfectly situated between the A3 and A46 motorways and features a whopping 40 Supercharging stalls, 32 of which are high-speed V3 models. According to the park’s owner, there’s plenty of solar installed at the site to power the Superchargers — and now the pool.

The location is also home to the Seed & Greet café, which serves fresh baked bread and coffee. You can even order drinks and pizza from the café while you take a dip.

This particular Supercharger recently won a German prize for the nicest charging location in the country. Tesla has even contracted a local dry cleaner to provide fresh towels to pool patrons every day. The automaker has also taken charge of pool maintenance.

To top it all off, the Supercharger is also open to non-Tesla cars, so those driving EVs from other automakers can take advantage of the chargers (and the pool) too. Tesla has been gradually opening its Supercharging network in Europe up to non-Tesla EVs since late last year.

With heatwaves encapsulating much of the world, a lot more Superchargers might benefit from on-site pools. Let us know what you think about the move in the comments below.