Tesla Expanding East of Giga Texas, Shows New Filing

After filing for a permit to expand Giga Texas earlier this month, Tesla has officially filed a proposal for building more in the area.

Tesla is looking to build additional grounds to the east of its Gigafactory Texas, according to a new filing dated July 1, as detailed in a report from the Austin Business Journal.

In the filing, Tesla says it’s hoping to build 68 acres of “industrial use facilities with associated improvements” near Giga Texas.

While the proposed area is supposed to be used for some kind of manufacturing, it’s not yet clear exactly how Tesla plans to use it.

In February, Tesla’s Giga Texas filed a new site plan entitled “Project Cathode,” expected to be a site for manufacturing its own batteries.

Another filing in March showed the company’s plans to establish an energy storage site at the company’s factory, perhaps to aid Texas’ notoriously unreliable electrical grid.

In June, Project Cathode was approved by local officials, just one of a few other ongoing expansion projects.

CEO Elon Musk owns over 2,500 acres east of Austin, Texas between his companies giving him ample opportunity to continue expanding its factories in the coming years.

Tesla has talked about building its own electric vehicle batteries for the past few years, though it’s not clear how long it would take for the automaker to construct and begin operating a cathode factory.