Tesla Gigafactory Texas Files Permit for 500,000 Sq. Ft. Expansion

Photo: Austin, Texas Government (via @Sawyer_Merritt)

Following news that Tesla has ramped up production at its Gigafactory Texas, the automaker will also be expanding the location by half a million square feet.

Tesla has officially filed a permit to expand Giga Texas by 500,000 square feet, as seen in a filing application dated June 29 (via @Sawyer_Merritt).

The filing says the building will have two separate floors, and it was officially issued to Tesla on Friday.

The project constitutes an expansion of both General Assembly 2 and 3, and will be constructed on the south side of the building.

The footprint of Tesla’s Giga Texas is currently around 4.33 million square feet, with over 10 million square feet of floor space throughout the factory’s various levels.

Photo: @Sawyer_Merritt

The permit says the 500,000 square foot expansion only refers to the footprint on the ground’s surface, so it doesn’t account for added floor space from multiple floors.

Tesla also announced plans to expand its Gigafactory Shanghai last year, set to invest around $187.91 million into the project.

Tesla began making Model Y Long Range builds at Giga Texas and Giga Berlin last month.