What’s Changed Under the Hood: Texas-Made Tesla Model Y [VIDEO]

Photo: Munro Live

Tesla’s Model Y is the world’s top-selling electric SUV right now, and a new video shows a breakdown of the electric SUV’s frunk compartment and its components.

In a new video from Munro Live shared on Thursday, Munro & Associates President Cory Steuben and Lead Engineer Carl Crittenden take a look at the vehicle under the hood.

To start, Steuben and Crittenden discuss some of the comparisons in the current Model Y to the firm’s 2020 Model Y, noting which parts have changed in the design.

Steuben also details the Model Y’s heat pump piping, for which the automaker has increased the size of the system’s suction line to match the Model S Plaid’s design of the part.

Nearing the video’s end, Steuben discusses a number of critiques of the frunk space, including the addition of a fixed beam that could have been changed to allow more space for surrounding components.

While he wasn’t in this video due to traveling to Italy to conduct training, Sandy Munro recently said he’d soon share a Model Y teardown and a tour of the Giga Press manufacturer IDRA.

You can see the full Munro Live video looking at the Tesla Model Y under the hood below.

YouTube video

Previously, Munro’s team detailed the Model Y 4680 structural battery pack, removing it from the vehicle’s body showing the front seats bolted intact.