Tesla Model Y 4680 Teardown Coming, Along with Tour of Gigapress Maker IDRA: Munro [VIDEO]

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Today ‘teardown titan’ Sandy Munro shared a Tesla Model S Plaid battery teardown, revealing there are 7,920 battery cells inside.

But the bigger announcement was Munro’s team has purchased a Texas-made Model Y with a 4680 structural battery pack, and is tearing down the latter the moment they receive delivery of the vehicle in Florida.

Recently, Texas-made Model Y vehicles with 4680 battery packs hit Tesla’s new inventory and were available for instant delivery in Florida. It seems Munro jumped on the opportunity and they are picking up the car today.

Munro’s team says Tesla’s 4680 battery cell is one of the “biggest game changers we’ve seen,” while also pointing out that Chinese battery supplier CATL compares its newest offering to Tesla’s 4680 battery cell.

Moreover, Munro will be selling individual 4680 battery cells for $800 USD each, available to fans and also battery suppliers for research. They estimate there are just under 800 individual 4680 battery cells in a Model Y. At the price of $800 each for, let’s say 800 battery cells, that’s a cool $640,000 USD from sales.

Munro Associates will also share the first look at the Model Y gigacastings at either the front, rear and center, while also showing the battery pack and seats coming out attached together.

Munro also says they are heading to Italy to visit the maker of Tesla’s Gigapresses, IDRA, and will share a video of the tour soon.

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