Tesla Harris Ranch Supercharger Expansion Update [PIC]

Photo: u/magoo266

After construction updates of Tesla’s huge Supercharger at Harris Ranch in Fresno County, California surfaced last month, a new photo of the site shows several new charging stalls being constructed.

A photo showing the expansion area of Tesla’s Harris Ranch Supercharger station shared on Sunday shows that the charging station is steadily getting closer to being complete (via Reddit).

The photo shows a coned-off area with several Supercharger stalls and a few small construction vehicles, in a lot adjacent to the large Harris Ranch sign and a Shell gas station.

In sum, the photo shows roughly 29 Supercharger stalls, as located on the gas station side of the road.

The Supercharger station is set to be the largest station for a short time before the completion of another planned station in California, soon to total just ahead of Tesla’s Kettleman City Supercharger station which added 55 stalls just prior to last Thanksgiving.

When originally reported, it was estimated that Tesla’s Fresno County Supercharger station would have at least 80 stalls, the current plan holds that it will be expanded to include 98 stalls total.

Kettleman City’s Supercharger station currently has about 95 charging stalls, while an upcoming station in the Mojave Desert is also expected to have around 100 charging stalls.