Tesla’s Kettleman City Supercharger Opens 55 More Stalls Ahead of Thanksgiving [u]



Image via ‘Familyfirstj’ from TMC Forums

A number of new Superchargers added to Southern California have been announced and installed throughout the year, with one officially going live this week.

Tesla’s Kettleman City, California 55-stall V3 Supercharger is now live as of Sunday morning, according to Supercharge.info and the Tesla Motors Club forums. This expansion builds on the existing 40 Superchargers at the site, taking the numbers to 95 at one location.

According to TMC forum user ‘Familyfirstj’, images were shared of a charging Model Y at Kettleman City’s expansion site, with stalls on unpaved dirt. The opening will help the rush ahead of an expected busy U.S. Thanksgiving weekend.

The Supercharger station features the latest V3 250 kW charging hardware, and is located at 33341 Bernard Drive in Kettleman City.

Other Southern California Superchargers include what’s expected to be the world’s largest Supercharger station with 80 stalls in Fresno County, as well as a 62-stall Supercharger station set to be built in Santa Monica upon receiving its final permits.

Earlier this month, one Tesla driver discovered that Tesla’s cars were auto-connecting to wireless internet at the Kettleman City Supercharger, a move later identified as happening at Supercharger locations featuring a Service Center.

Tesla also recently reached 30,000 Superchargers worldwide, amidst a major push to expand the Supercharger network ahead of plans to open it up to non-Tesla users.

Tesla has already begun opening its network to non-Tesla vehicles in the Netherlands and is expected to make the change globally in the coming months.

Tesla announced its most-recent Supercharger locations to be installed earlier this month, including one new 12-stall Supercharger station set to be built in Windsor, California, among others.

Update: There are only 55 Superchargers showing at the Kettleman City expansion. It appears one was missed on one side, so a spot was stretched, according to @BLKMDL3 who counted the stalls many times. Tesla’s in-car navigation also shows just 55 at Kettleman City. This story has been updated accordingly.


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