Tesla Keeps Rolling Out FSD Beta, Includes 93 Safety Score



Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta continues to roll out to more testers, and now we’re seeing the test software expand to owners with Safety Scores as low as 93.

Canadian Tesla owner @RonMadison11, who has a Safety Score of 93, received the 2022.12.3.20 firmware update that brings FSD beta 10.12.2 on Sunday. The Model Y owner now has the opportunity to test the automaker’s early access software.

Tesla finally launched the FSD beta in Canada back in late March after well over a year of wait. A couple of days after, the pilot program was expanded to drivers with 99 Safety Scores.

Safety Scores are a metric Tesla uses to monitor FSD beta testers’ driving behavior. Ever since they were introduced, the electric carmaker has relied on Safety Scores to determine which Tesla owners who have purchased the FSD upgrade get access to beta releases.

Up until recently, the FSD beta was only available to download for drivers with Safety Scores of 100, 99, and 98. However, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said last month that FSD beta 10.12.2 could be eligible for release to those with Safety Scores of 95 or higher.

Tesla made good on that promise earlier this month, rolling beta version 10.12.2 out to drivers with 95+ Safety Scores. The move brought the early access autonomous driving software to 100,000 new cars, but there was no mention of drivers with Safety Scores under 95 getting it.

@RonMadison11 appears to be an outlier until others with the same Safety Score start receiving the update. It’s also possible that Tesla is taking more than just a driver’s Safety Score into account while granting access to the beta, which would especially make sense for a fairly new market like Canada.

Tesla is planning a full North American release of the FSD beta sometime this year.

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