2022.12.3.20 Tesla Update: FSD Beta 10.12.2 for Internal Testers

Tesla started rolling out its 2022.12.3.20 software update on Wednesday evening as noted by @Teslascope, which brings Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta 10.12.2 for employees and internal testers, according to @BLKMDL3.

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Less than a week ago, Tesla released FSD beta 10.12.1 for both internal testers and those part of the company’s beta program. The update introduced a long list of changes and for the most part, impressed beta testers as showing signs of improvement.

Back on May 14, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said FSD beta 10.12.2 would expand the test software to those with 95 and up Safety Scores, allowing more owners that paid for FSD to test the early access software. Since this current release is only for employees, we’ll find out soon enough if the next update for FSD beta testers will indeed expand it to more testers or not.

Check out some of the latest FSD beta 10.12.1 drives below: