Tesla to Accelerate RHD Model Y Production After High Demand, Australia Dates Hit 2023


The Tesla Model Y finally arrived in Australia last week, and after going on sale, demand for the electric SUV is skyrocketing.

Demand for Tesla’s Model Y in Australia has pushed the delivery timeline for new orders as far out as February through May 2023, according to the company’s website and as reported by TechAU.

The delivery estimates also reflect the other countries receiving right-hand driving vehicles from Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai, including New Zealand and Japan.

While the Model 3 has also seen strong demand, it’s noteworthy that most Australians prefer an SUV — making the Model Y the perfect pick for many looking to go electric.

Tesla launched Australian Model Y orders on Thursday, and in under a week, the company’s delivery timelines have pushed past the end of this year.

Musk responded to techAU on Sunday night, saying “We’re working on accelerating RHD Model Y production. Didn’t expect demand to be so high!”.

Many in Australia have awaited the launch of the electric SUV since last year, with Tesla getting the Model Y approved for sale last September — hinting at an imminent launch.

In April, fans expected the launch to be imminent once again after the Tesla Model Y’s pricing in Australia was leaked.

Tesla’s Model 3 was the best-selling EV in Australia in this year’s first quarter, taking 65 percent of the EV market share.