Tesla Model 3 is Australia’s Best-Selling EV in Q1, Takes 65% of Sales

Electric vehicles (EVs) are sweeping countries worldwide, with Australia seeing one of Tesla’s vehicles become the nation’s top-selling EV so far in early 2022.

The Tesla Model 3 is leading the EV market so far in Australia, with the electric sedan making up an astounding 65 percent of all EVs sold in the country through the end of March, according to Drive.

Australia oversaw a total of 6,752 EVs sold in Q1, with a total of 4,417 of the vehicles sold being Tesla’s Model 3 units.

The Model 3 is also selling at almost 14 times the rate of the second-place EV, which is the Mercedes-Benz EQA with just 318 units sold.

Other notable EVs sold in Q1 in Australia include the Hyundai Kona EV (304) and the Hyundai IONIQ EV (206).

In 2021, the Tesla Model 3 topped EV sales in Australia, while other top sellers last year such as the MG ZS EV and the Porsche Taycan EV have dropped in their rankings within this year’s first three months.

The Tesla Model Y has been approved for sale in Australia, though it’s unclear when the vehicle will become available to customers in the country. Once it does, expect even more EV sales from Tesla to lead in the country, as we’ve seen in others.

A few weeks ago, many Tesla owners noted the automaker’s decision to limit charging to 80 percent at busy Supercharger stations.