Tesla Model Y Fleet Spotted on Trucks in Australia, Hinting at Launch

Photo: The Driven / Riz Akhtar

At least six Tesla Model Y units have arrived and been spotted in Australia, four of which landed in Melbourne on Thursday following a truck according to The Driven.

The Model Y units were spotted across two trucks carrying the electric SUVs by Carloop’s Riz Akhtar, which had arrived in Melbourne and were likely part of this quarter’s only Shanghai exporting round.

The news comes after many thought the vehicle would launch in 2021, though it did not.

In a statement, Akhtar said, “All cars were in “Transport” mode (and) seem to be different from those first spotted on a freeway.” Akhtar added, “The acceleration observed once unloaded off the truck clearly showed the Performance model’s oomph over the LFP based RWD ones.”

Photo: The Driven / Riz Akhtar

Akhtar was able to confirm that the shipment included two Performance and two rear-wheel-drive models, as well as the vehicles including an AU sticker.

Tesla Model Y pricing in Australia was leaked in April, suggesting that a launch of the electric SUV was imminent.

The Tesla Model Y was also approved for sale in Australia last September, after one arrived in Australia in August.

The Tesla Model 3 was Australia’s best-selling EV in Q1 with 65 percent of the sector’s market share.