Tesla Model S Plaid Apparently Sets Record 8.8-Second 1/4-Mile



Photo: via @BLKMDL3

One Tesla Model S Plaid driver apparently set another new record with the EV, performing a 1/4-mile sprint in just 8.834 seconds and reaching a speed of 161.37 mph — even eliciting a response from CEO Elon Musk.

In the post, shared by @BLKMDL3, there’s a picture of the Model S Plaid in question, showing the identifier 947 as written on the rear driver’s side window, and including the words “World Record!!!”

The picture, which also tags owner @Signature_Tesla, shows the vehicle with mods SV104 and the 19/18 Drag pack, each of which likely helped the driver achieve the record.

In response to the post, @ElonMusk responded “Nice!”

According to @Signature_Tesla, also apparently user ‘mulot30th’ on the TMC forums, the owner said on Saturday, weight reduction was “somewhere between 550 – 600 [pounds].” The user also shared a screenshot from Dragy showing the record time:

On Monday morning, the Model S Plaid owner said he “had no camera” and “next time [I’ll] have at least one.” There is no video of the record run, aside from the drag slip and the Dragy screenshot.

The Model S Plaid has taken part in several drag races and drivers of the car have also set multiple records for the car’s quickness off of a jump.

The National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) also recently changed the rules to let the Model S Plaid and other cars without a roll cage compete for 9-second 1/4-mile record times.

In a past teardown of the Model S Plaid, auto manufacturing expert Sandy Munro called the vehicle’s suspension a “work of art.”

Musk also took Chinese ambassador Qin Gang for a ride in the Tesla Model S Plaid earlier this year.

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