Tesla to End ‘Closed-Loop’ Production at Giga Shanghai on June 11: Report

Photo: @JayinShanghai

After nearly two months of employees sleeping at Tesla’s Giga Shanghai to safely resume production, the automaker is now looking to end the closed-loop system.

Tesla is looking to end its closed-loop output system at Gigafactory Shanghai, according to two executives from the automaker’s suppliers in a report from South China Morning Post.

The move away from the closed-loop system will let thousands of Tesla’s Shanghai employees begin commuting between their homes and the workplace, after almost eight weeks of living in the plant intermittently.

Production at the automaker’s Chinese facility is finally returning to levels seen before the recent COVID-19 lockdown, and the resulting 22-day production halt, with Tesla planning to resume double shifts at Giga Shanghai this month.

Tesla’s Shanghai production reached around 70 percent of pre-lockdown output levels at the end of last month, and the automaker will likely continue to ramp up production to pre-lockdown levels throughout this month.

Despite the lockdown, Tesla still led electric vehicle (EV) sales in the UK in May although it saw major dips in several markets receiving cars from the Shanghai factory.

Tesla opened its first store in Inner Mongolia earlier this week, as a continued push into the Northern parts of China.

Additionally, Tesla’s Model 3 delivery timelines have been extended to late October in China, likely as a result of the lockdown.