Tesla Output at Giga Shanghai Hits Nearly 70% of Pre-Lockdown Levels: Report

After Tesla’s Giga Shanghai was forced to shut down production alongside many other companies in the spring, the automaker is finally on its way back up to full production levels.

Tesla has resumed production at Gigafactory Shanghai to about 70 percent of the weekly output capacity it was previously operating at, according to two sources familiar with the subject, reports from Reuters.

The 22-day production halt, instituted amidst surging COVID-19 cases forcing widespread lockdowns, led Tesla to miss out on around 46,200 cars between the end of March and April.

The facility opened again on April 19, and managed to produce around 10,757 vehicles in April, despite only selling about 1,512 cars in the month.

Comparatively, Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory sold around 65,814 cars in March, with the April figure representing the automaker’s lowest delivery month in China since April 2020.

Last week, Tesla restarted double-shifts at Giga Shanghai, saying it expects to reach normal output as soon as June.

Shanghai is looking to begin lifting restrictions for non-manufacturing businesses, and introduce new policies to help bolster the economy after the two-month break.

Tesla’s Giga Shanghai has been able to run production with a “closed-loop” output system in which employees sleep in the factory and surrounding campsites built out to safely house and isolate working employees.