Tesla Model 3 Wait Times Decrease in China, Model Y LR Increases

As Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory continues to recover and ramp up from a long production halt due to COVID-19 lockdowns, the automaker has made a handful of changes to expected delivery timelines in recent weeks.

Tesla has reduced delivery wait times in China by as much as four weeks for some models, according to the automaker’s order configurator, reported by CnEVPost on Tuesday.

Most recently, Tesla changed its rear-wheel-drive entry-level Model 3 delivery wait time to 16-20 weeks, down from prior statements on the website saying it would take 20-24 weeks.

For the Model 3 dual-motor, all-wheel-drive variant, wait times dropped to 12-16 weeks, down from initially saying 20-24 weeks.

In addition to dropping wait times for some Model 3 types, Tesla increased the estimated delivery timeline for the Model Y Long Range dual-motor, all-wheel-drive to 20-24 weeks, previously saying 16-20 weeks. The Model Y Performance wait times remain unchanged.

Why the change? Tesla’s Shanghai plant could be fine-tuning the automaker’s Model Y capacity allocation at the facility, which remains in a closed-loop production to insulate workers from COVID-19.

The delivery date for the entry-level Model 3 was increased on June 2 from 16-20 weeks to 20-24 weeks, before the current change took place.

Tesla’s sales in China decreased significantly in April due to surging COVID-19 cases.

The Tesla Model Y still managed to lead luxury SUV sales in China between January and April.