Ford F-150 Lightning Debuts Tuesday: ‘Most Important Launch of My Career’ Says Chairman

Photo: Jim Farley

As Ford prepares to launch the electric F-150 Lightning this week, one executive at the automaker is noting how significant the shift to an electric version will be.

Ford Executive Chair Bill Ford, 64, called the F-150 Lightning launch the most important vehicle launch of his career, noting that it’s seeing his 43-year journey with the automaker come to fruition, according to The Detroit News.

The electric F-150 Lightning launch event is set to take place on Tuesday, and the electrification of the automaker’s best-selling truck marks a specific occasion.

The launch event will happen at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center, an EV manufacturing plant built recently out of the country’s oldest operating auto plant in Dearborn, Michigan.

In a Q&A with The Detroit News, Ford said, “Anytime you have a radical change to your most successful product, you really are betting the company.” Ford continued, “In some ways, we did that when we went to aluminum on F-150, because that could have been a disaster had people not accepted it.”

Ford detailed a handful of other subjects in the interview, including the need for a federal infrastructure effort to develop EV supply chains within the U.S.

Earlier this year, Ford doubled its annual production target on the F-150 Lightning to 150,000 per year after seeing strong early demand for the product.