Concept Imagines Tesla Charging Options at Checkout [PIC]

Last week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that the company would no longer include a basic Gen 2 Mobile Connector Bundle with new vehicle purchases. Instead, customers who want a mobile charger would have to buy a standalone Corded Mobile Connector with a fixed 14-50 adapter for $400 USD.

Now that Tesla does not include any kind of charger whatsoever with orders, customers are urging the company to at least add charging options to its vehicle configurator and order page to make it easier for them to get charging sorted right as they are placing their order.

To that end, Reddit user XP3CT_012 even whipped up a quick concept of what an option to add a home charging solution to your Tesla order could look like.

After Musk confirmed the change — a rather Apple-like move for Tesla — on Twitter, the decision received significant pushback from customers and enthusiasts alike.

The prevailing consensus was that the electric vehicle (EV) maker should either reverse the decision or at least offer the Gen 2 Mobile Connector Bundle as an optional, free add-on in its vehicle configurator.

As a result of the negative feedback, Musk announced on Saturday evening that Tesla will drop the price of the Mobile Connector Bundle to $200 USD — a $75 reduction. The standalone bundle will now also come with additional plug adapters since it is being sold separately.

It is currently unclear what the cut-off date is for existing orders to get the Gen 2 Mobile Connector Bundle included.