Tesla Cybertruck at Cyber Rodeo has 35-Inch Tires on 20-Inch Wheels

Photo: @BLKMDL3

The Tesla Cybertruck may come with huge tires, if the ones being displayed at the automaker’s Cyber Rodeo event are any indication of the production models to come.

Tesla’s Cybertruck on display at the Cyber Rodeo has huge 35-inch tires and 20-inch wheels, as seen in a photo from @BLKMDL3 shared on Thursday.

The photos show a close-up of the Goodyear tires, depicting the fine print of the tire showing a model number that denotes a 35-inch tire.

We see “LT315/60R20” tires, indicating a 315-millimetre width, 60 aspect ratio, and 20-inch wheel diameter. The “M+S” indicates extra mud and snow traction.

Photo: @BLKMDL3

Another close-up shows the tire, wheel and surrounding area, depicting the stark difference between the massive tire and the smaller rim.

The Tesla Cybertruck was spotted under wraps during preparation for the Gigafactory Texas Cyber Rodeo event, along with a few other vehicles unveiled during the event.

After several production delays, CEO Elon Musk confirmed that the Cybertruck would begin production at Gigafactory Texas in 2023.

Earlier this year, Musk also said the main delay with the Cybertruck is its overall affordability which has only gotten worse since the statement with recent inflationary pressure hitting raw materials.

A recent video estimated the range, battery size and weight of the Cybertruck, though it’s not clear what the specs of the production model are just yet.