Tesla Launches Model Y Orders in Israel, Delivering in July

Roughly seven months after the Tesla Model Y was registered with Israel’s Ministry of Transport, Tesla has officially started taking orders for the all-electric crossover in the country through its website (via @ConnectingODots).

Israelis looking to get a Model Y will have to pay a pretty steep premium for the electric vehicle (EV), though, much like other Tesla models available in the country. Take a look at pricing and expected delivery dates for the Model Y in Israel:

  • Model Y Long Range — Starts at $103,439, delivery expected September 2022
  • Model Y Performance — Starts at $113,403, delivery expected July 2022

Here’s what the current pricing and delivery windows for the Model 3, online orders for which launched in Israel early last year with deliveries going out in March 2021, look like:

  • Model 3 Standard Range — Starts at $70,261, delivery expected February 2023
  • Model 3 Long Range — Starts at $84,745, delivery expected February 2023
  • Model 3 Performance — Starts at $93,435, delivery expected August 2022

Anyone looking to get a Model Y (or other Tesla EV) in Israel will have to put down a non-refundable deposit of $312 when placing an order.

According to Twitter user @Kern_Harst, a local Tesla employee has said that Model Y orders in Israel will receive deliveries from Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg, which started delivering cars last month.

Tesla captured 60% of Israel’s EV market last year, with EV sales across the country going up 700% year over year.