Tesla’s GigaFest Texas Grand Opening Event Permit Approved

Photo: BlueSkyKites

Tesla is preparing to open another U.S. factory in Austin, Texas in the coming weeks

Travis County, Texas officials approved Tesla’s GigaFest Texas grand opening party at the new Gigafactory in Austin, just two weeks ahead of the event, as reported by @BlueSkyKites on Tuesday (via @Sawyer_Merritt).

According to a note, the event includes a slightly reduced traffic and safety plan from the initial one, a fireworks permit, and it will have security from the Travis County Sheriff’s Department.

In addition, the event will have shuttle buses carting visitors around the site and two stages, with about 70 percent of the total capacity set for inside tours.

Tesla will likely begin sending out invites to the event in the days and weeks to come, now that it has officially gained full approval.

Locals will get priority for invitations to the Gigafactory Texas opening event,

In addition to opening the Austin Gigafactory, Tesla started its delivery event at the new Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg in Germany this week, with CEO Elon Musk giving a speech and dancing to the music as initial deliveries took place.

White House Labor Secretary Marty Walsh visited with Musk at the Gigafactory Texas last week, just days after more than 400 Model Y units could be seen in the facility’s parking lot.