Tesla Q4 2021 Earnings Call Transcript, Audio Supercut [VIDEO]

Photo: Solving The Money Problem

Tesla held its 2021 Q4 earnings call on Wednesday, and one channel has taken to cutting up the highlights to make the call a quick listen, rather than a long, slow burn.

Solving The Money Problem shared a 15 1/2-minute supercut of Tesla’s Q4 earnings call on Wednesday, featuring mostly the highlights from the investor’s meeting.

The supercut is broken up into three different sections for those that may want to dive right into the material, including an intro and detailed look at the YouTube channel’s perks, with the actual Supercut taking up just about 12 minutes.

In the earnings call, Tesla announced that it earned $17.71 billion in revenue in Q4, with a total of $2.32 billion in net income.

Comparatively, Tesla earned $1.6 billion in net income in 2021 Q3, with just $13.7 billion in revenue.

In the call, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that the long-anticipated Cybertruck won’t launch in 2022, despite the fact that a new prototype of the Cybertruck was called “awesome” by Musk earlier this week.

Tesla also shared details about its “Optimus” humanoid robot at the earnings call, the first of its kind, which the automaker says will begin deployment by working at the company’s production facilities.

You can hear the full supercut of Tesla’s Q4 2021 earnings call, which took place on Wednesday, January 26.

YouTube video

A text transcript of the Tesla’s Q4 2021 earnings call can be found here at Seeking Alpha.