Tesla’s Latest Cybertruck Prototype at Giga Texas is ‘Awesome’, Says Elon Musk

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Earlier this week, we saw Tesla unload its latest Cybertruck prototype at its Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, and the delivery saw numerous pictures and videos shared to the web.

Now, on the eve of Tesla’s Q4 earnings call, CEO Elon Musk said he thinks the new Cybertruck is “awesome.”

“Been driving latest Cybertruck prototype around Giga Texas. It’s awesome!”, said Musk on Tuesday evening.

On Wednesday, Musk will be joining the Q4 earnings call to provide a product roadmap update for investors. Many are expecting a timeline update on Cybertruck, plus the status of upcoming Gigafactories in Austin and Berlin.

Back in April of last year, Musk also drove the Cybertruck around at Tesla’s Giga Austin. This was an older prototype, however, unlike the latest version that has eliminated door handles, added side mirrors, a revised front bumper, a single windshield wiper (not going to be in production, says Musk), to go with dual screens inside and a yoke steering wheel, similar to a refresh Model S or Model X.