Tesla Roadster is the World’s Most-Anticipated EV by Google Searches

Photo: LeaseFetcher

As the electric vehicle (EV) industry grows more competitive around the world, certain upcoming models pique the interests of buyers more than others, in particular Tesla’s newest Roadster and Cybertruck, while the rumored Apple Car is also among the world’s most-anticipated.

The Apple Car ranked second for the most-anticipated upcoming EV across the world, according to new Google search volume data compiled by Lease Fetcher and shared with Tesla North.

The Tesla Roadster was the top search term in 56 out of 168 countries, with the rumored Apple Car in second place, taking the top spot in 54 countries. The Roadster is seeing 711,000 searches per month, followed by the Cybertruck at 608,000.

In U.S. search volume, the Tesla Cybertruck and Roadster led the way, as well as the upcoming Chevy Silverado EV. Apple Car was in fourth.

Photo: LeaseFetcher

On most-desired, currently available EVs, the Tesla Model 3 landed the top search term by global search volume throughout 2021, with the U.S. being an exception where the Model 3 landed second behind Tesla’s Model Y.

Globally, the Tesla Model 3 saw the highest number of searches in 2021, at 25.4 million for the year, followed by the Tesla Model Y at 14.1 million. In third place was the Porsche Taycan at 13 million searches per year.

Other notable models around the world included the Porsche Taycan, Tesla’s Model S and X units, the Audi E-Tron and the Polestar 2, among others.

With Tesla pushing to begin production at both its Gigafactory Texas and Berlin sites by January 26, also the day of the Tesla Q4 2021 earnings call, the automaker is still largely ahead of its competition – but who knows what another decade and the eventual unveiling of the Apple Car will bring.