This Tesla Model S Just Racked Up 1.5 Million Kilometers

Photo: @gem8mingen

In 2020, one Tesla Model S owner surpassed 1,200,000 kilometers (745,645 miles) and was congratulated by Tesla CEO Elon Musk himself, and two years later, that Model S is still racking up kilometers.

@Gem8mingen‘s Tesla Model S has officially hit 1,500,000 kilometers (932,056 miles)., as seen in a photo shared on Thursday of the odometer on the Model S.

The Model S is only about 112,654 kilometers (70,000 miles) from hitting a total of a million miles driven – a feat not yet reached by an electric vehicle (EV) as far as we know.

The driver’s Model S also surpassed 1,300,000 kilometers in April, meaning that he was able to drive about 200,000 kilometers in just about nine months.

All 1,500,000 kilometers driven are on the driver’s current battery pack, though one user on the thread also recalled the owner previously reporting having changed the battery pack out twice in the past – the first time because the original pack was a beta, replaced for free by Tesla, and the second, simply to upgrade.

Still, 1,500,000 kilometers on a single battery pack is an impressive accomplishment, and the owner doesn’t seem to show any signs of stopping.

Another 2015 Tesla Model S 70D reached 424,000 miles (682,847 km) of driving last month, though it’s still got a long way to go before reaching the level of gem8mingen’s Model S.