Tesla Model Y Being Used For Taxi Service in Iceland

Photo: u/110110

The first Tesla taxi service appears to have surfaced in Iceland, according to a new photo shared this week.

A Tesla Model Y was spotted being used for taxi services for the first time in Iceland on Monday, as shown in a photo of the vehicle (via Reddit).

The Model Y is white and includes a lit “Taxi” sign above the driver’s seat, and is apparently not a common sight in the country – as of yet.

Last year, Iceland completed a Tesla Supercharger ring around the outskirts of the country’s highways.

In the U.S., a number of companies have begun using Tesla’s vehicles as taxis, including New York City’s Revel, which purchased a massive fleet of Model Y units for use as taxis.

Another New York City-based taxi company also has a small fleet of yellow Model 3 taxis, which even expanded last year.

One Paris, France-based taxi company suspended its EV program following an off-duty accident with one of its Tesla Model 3 units.

Eventually, the Full Self-Driving (FSD) capacities of the automaker’s vehicles will offer self-driving robotaxis to customers, which Tesla Head Elon Musk says will justify the company’s high valuation.

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