Tesla Opens its First Store in the Xinjiang Region in China

China’s Xinjiang region just got its first Tesla store, as detailed in a new report.

Tesla has opened its first store and showroom in Xinjiang, located in Ürümqi’s Uyghur Autonomous Region, according to CNEVPost.

The Tesla store in Ürümqi is in the Midong Auto City, a large automotive center located in Xinjiang, where many registration and inspection services also take place.

The Xinjiang store now marks Tesla’s furthest west store in China, with a 1,620-square meters (5,315 square feet) space.

Tesla currently has stores in 60 different cities across mainland China.

The Tesla store in Xinjiang will feature both sales and delivery services, as well as other services for post-delivery customers.

In addition to two Supercharger stations in Ürümqi, Tesla has a total of seven Supercharger stations across Xinjiang, with a total of 36 Superchargers.

In addition, Tesla surpassed 8,000 Supercharger stalls across mainland China last month, just after reaching 30,000 total Tesla Supercharger stalls worldwide.

On Thursday, Tesla announced increases to both the Model 3 and the Model Y for customers in China, with the Model 3 now starting at RMB $265,652 ($41,683 USD), and the Model Y starting at RMB $301,840 ($47,365 USD).

Earlier this month, one person noticed a Tesla Model S Plaid poster hung outside the Hangzhou Delivery Center, suggesting the model could be coming to Chinese markets soon.

Update: it’s worth noting China’s Xinjiang region is where the country is being accused of harboring human rights abuses and genocide against the Uyghur Muslim population. China has denied the accusations instead saying the region has “vocational education centers.”