Tesla Cybertruck Patent Shows Folding Rear Seats, Front-Mid Seat

Image: @tempermanant on Twitter

A patent first spotted by Twitter user @tempermanant appears to be for the cabin seat design of the Tesla Cybertruck and reveals that the all-electric pickup truck will have a full set of foldable seats in the rear, and the front-middle seat will be foldable as well.


Looking at the render for the front-middle seat attached to the patent, it looks like folding the seat down will give users access to a storage compartment of some sort that carries the same sharp, geometrically angled design aesthetic as the rest of the electric vehicle (EV).

Image: @tempermanant on Twitter

Earlier this month, Tesla confirmed that a 4-motor variant of the Cybertruck with independent control of each wheel will be available at launch. When Tesla will move from launching Cybertruck-themed products to an actual Cybertruck, however, remains to be seen.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in October that Cybertruck production had been delayed to 2022 at the earliest, with volume production slated for 2023. In November, Musk promised that Cybertruck updates, as well as insight into Tesla’s overall product roadmap, would come in January 2022.

The Cybertruck is quite possibly Tesla’s second most-delayed EV ever, with the Roadster 2.0 holding first place.

Tesla announced the second-generation Roadster EV in 2017 but has since kicked it all the way down the line to 2023. The electric automaker also removed pricing for the Roadster from its website recently.