Elon Musk ‘Whining Like a Baby’ Says Elizabeth Warren Attack Ads on Facebook

While TIME Magazine has named Tesla CEO Elon Musk the ‘Person of the Year’ and Newsweek is calling him one of ‘America’s Greatest Disruptors,’ one Massachusetts Senator insists that he is actually a “freeloading billionaire” who skimps on his taxes.

Following her recent spat with Tesla CEO Elon Musk over taxes on Twitter, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is running a series of rather crass, sponsored Facebook ads defaming Musk (via @heydave7).

The ads label Musk as a “freeloading billionaire” who is “scared” and “whines like a baby” when Warren demands he pay his fair share of taxes.

“This is such a deeply messed up lie to the American people. She is the one freeloading off taxpayers, while I’m paying the largest amount of tax of any individual in history,” said Musk, responding to the ads on Twitter.

Last month, Musk explained that his recent sales of Tesla stock were actually made in a way that resulted in him paying more taxes.

Ironically enough, Senator Warren is asking people for $10 donations to “keep the 1% in check,” while bashing Musk for “freeloading off of working people” in the same post.

All of Warren’s anti-Musk posts are sponsored (by Warren Democrats), meaning that they will be pushed to a wide audience of Facebook users.