Elon Musk Named One of ‘America’s Greatest Disruptors’ by Newsweek

Elon musk newsweek

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s accolades for 2021 keep coming. After being picked ‘Person of the Year’ by TIME magazine and The Financial Times, he has now been named one of ‘America’s Greatest Disruptors’ by Newsweek:

There are at least two faces of Musk. One is the headline-grabbing rebel-without-cause whose tasteless joke-tweets have drawn the ire of financial regulators, goaded Senator Bernie Sanders about tax policy (“I keep forgetting you’re still alive”) and compared outgoing Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to a victim of a Stalinist purge.

All that noise obscures the other side of Musk—the one who is arguably the most prolific and disruptive technologist of the 21st century. At 50, Musk has racked up an impressive string of firsts or near-firsts.

Newsweek touts Musk’s achievements including PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla, Neuralink, The Boring Company and Hyperloop, plus his ambition to send humanity to Mars.

“Musk draws comparisons to Thomas Edison, who had a similarly broad impact and difficult personality. Whereas Edison was by nature an inventor, Musk is more of an impresario, assembling the technical, business and investing talent he needs in service of a grand engineer’s vision,” explains Newsweek’s Fred Guterl.

Musk reacted to the honor by replying with “thanks!” on Wednesday to the Newsweek Twitter account.