Tesla Model Y Police Vehicles Join Christmas Parade in Cary, North Carolina

Photo: @TownofCary

As many U.S. Police Departments across the country are spending money to acquire new electric vehicles (EVs), one North Carolina town has officially debuted its new Model Y units at a recent Christmas parade.

The Cary, North Carolina Police Department busted out its Tesla Model Y patrol cars for a Christmas parade on Saturday, according to CBS17.

According to reports in April, the Model Y units were purchased through a $150,000 USD investment from the town’s federal drug forfeiture fund.

The Cary police said the Tesla Model Y units will “serve as top-of-the-line emergency vehicles,” currently acting as a part of the town’s traffic safety team.

Photo: CBS17

Like a number of police departments electing to go electric over the past few years, the Cary PD also said the Teslas will help them save on both fuel and maintenance costs.

Photo: CBS17

Recent police departments to gain and deploy new Teslas include the Ohio Village Police Department with a Tesla Model S, the Logan City, Ohio Police Department, Menlo Park, California’s Police Department, and police in Fremont, California, among many others.

In addition, a Tesla Model 3 pilot program in the U.K. shared results from trials earlier this month, with several details on saved maintenance and fuel costs, as well as other successes with the program.