Logan City Police in Ohio Show Off Tesla Model Y Cruiser

Image: Logan Police

The police department of Logan City, Ohio, received its very first all-electric Model Y police cruiser earlier this week — reports The Scioto Post.

At the beginning of the year, Logan City announced it would go electric for some of the new additions to its fleet of police cruisers. When city officials weighed their available EV options against their Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) counterparts, Tesla’s Model Y electric CUV came out ahead.

The Logan City Council ultimately approved three Tesla Model Ys for the police department, to be converted into patrol cruisers. The Logan Police Department was ecstatic about the new cruisers, which were originally scheduled to arrive a fair bit earlier than November.

Police Chief Jerry Mellinger previously praised the Logan City Council “for being forward-thinking” and helping “save taxpayer money.”

While each Tesla Model Y, once it has been converted into a fully functioning police cruiser, will cost upwards of $51,000 USD to lease, the Logan Police Department estimates yearly savings in fuel and vehicle maintenance costs will offset the electric vehicle (EV)’s higher sticker price as compared to the city’s go-to Ford Interceptors or Dodge Chargers.

Logan City is quite possibly the first to add EVs to its Law Enforcement fleet in the Southern Ohio region. At the time of writing, there are only two charging stations in the area, one of which is located at 30140 Iles Rd, Logan, OH 43138.

Police departments across the U.S. are warming up to the idea of all-electric patrol cruisers, with the City of Nitro in West Virginia debuting its first Tesla police car in September and the West Goshen Police Department in Pennsylvania considering adding a Tesla to its fleet of police vehicles as of earlier this month.