Logan City in Ohio to Get Tesla Model Y Police Cruisers



Hastings-on-Hudson Police Department

According to a Reddit thread, the city of Logan in southeast Ohio is poised to add Tesla’s all-electric Model Y to its fleet of police patrol cars (via  The Daily Logan News).

“Logan is the first city in southeast Ohio getting Teslas”, Mayor Greg Fraunfelter told The Logan Daily News.

It may be the first in the state of Ohio to start electrifying its fleet of police cruisers, but Logan is not the first city in the U.S. to have Teslas patrolling its streets.

In fact, the Model Y appears to be the popular choice for police departments across the U.S., with cities and towns in Minnesota, New York, Washington, and California opting to add the Tesla SUV to their police cruisers.

The Westport PD in Connecticut, however, opted for the Tesla Model 3 instead.

Mayor Fraunfelter expects the fully-equipped Model Y cruisers to arrive in sometime in the next two weeks, and the city’s government hopes that the adoption of all-electric police cruisers will save the administration thousands of dollars in vehicle maintenance and fuel costs every year.

The mayor has also been lobbying the Southeast Ohio Public Energy Council (SOPEC) to install an electric vehicle (EV) charging station in the city of 7,000 people.

The City Council of Logan has passed Resolution No. 3, 2021, which allows the mayor and/or city service director to enter into Enterprise Fleet Management Lease agreements, ultimately giving the Logan PD an additional three new police cruisers.


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