Lucid Air Dream Edition Reviewed by Doug DeMuro, Called ‘Major Tesla Rival’ [VIDEO]



In a recently published video, YouTuber and car enthusiast Doug DeMuro reviewed the Lucid Air Dream Edition.

The Dream Edition is the highest-spec Lucid Air model available. The electric vehicle (EV) sold out pretty quickly back in March, with Lucid Motors only taking some 500 reservations for the luxury sedan. The first deliveries of the Dream Edition began in late October.

DeMuro named the Lucid Air Dream Edition “a Tesla-rivaling (beating?) fully electric luxury sedan.”

The EV delivers supercar-like performance at a $169,000 USD price point and features an All-Wheel Drive configuration, excellent handling, a premium interior, and a whopping 520 miles (836 km) of range to eliminate any and all traces of range anxiety.

The Lucid Air Dream Edition actually made history as the first EV ever to achieve an EPA range rating of 520 miles. A base model of the Lucid Air with around 400 miles of range is also expected soon, slated to start at around $77,000 USD.

In his review, DeMuro walks us through the Lucid Air Dream Edition and all of its features before taking it out on the road to evaluate it in action, giving it a “DougScore” out of 100 at the end.

“This car has some amazing promise,” said DeMuro. The YouTuber specifically shouted out the car’s “fantastic technology, beautiful styling, incredible range,” and the fact that it delivers on its promise of luxury.

“There really is a lot to love here,” he concluded.

DeMuro assigned the Lucid Air Dream Edition a “DougScore” of 73. That puts it right next to Tesla’s Model S Plaid, and just one point ahead of the Porsche Taycan Turbo S, as top scores.

According to DeMuro, the Taycan Turbo S is a performance car, the Lucid Air Dream Edition is designed for luxury and comfort with respectable performance, and the Tesla Model S Plaid is a good mix of both.

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