Lucid Confirms Roughly 500 Lucid Air Dream Edition Reservations Only

After selling out of the Lucid Air Dream Edition on Monday, Lucid Motors has officially revealed how many of the limited-edition electric vehicle (EV) it sold in the pre-order phase.

Lucid Motors sold about 500 Lucid Air Dream Edition units before pre-orders of the electric sedan closed to the public, as reported by Teslarati. The report came from a Lucid Motors spokesperson, with the company now suggesting eager consumers purchase the Lucid Air Grand Touring Edition, one step down from the company’s Dream Edition.

The Lucid Air electric sedan was revealed to the public last September, as the company’s first vehicle release and as a competitor to the Tesla Model S. While pre-orders for the Lucid Air Dream Edition are currently over, users can still join the waitlist using the company’s order configurator, with initial pre-order deliveries beginning sometime in the latter half of 2021.

Lucid has now completed the initial phase of its Casa Grande, Arizona factory, with Phase 2 of the project also winning recent approval, paving the way for the release of the company’s Gravity SUV, which was also hinted at last September’s reveal of the Air.

With a starting price of $161,500 USD, the Lucid Air Dream Edition is no joke. However, the same car can also be purchased as low as $69,900 USD, for those that are on a bit more of a budget, but those entry versions are still years away. It remains to be seen if Lucid can start delivering its Lucid Air by the latter half of 2021.