Tesla Model S Plaid Runs 8.99 Second 1/4 Mile for First Time [VIDEO]

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Tesla’s Model S Plaid has reached an 8-second quarter-mile time, according to a video and time slip shared by George Dodworth.

“First Tesla in the WORLD in the 8s! Congrats Christine @gtr_raceher !! We’ve been ready to make the attempt for a few months but between work and weather it was not possible. Elon! Do we have your attention yet?”, said Dodworth on Instagram. Dodworth’s wife Christine drove the Model S Plaid to a the record time at Maryland International Raceway.

A video of the record-setting 1/4 run and drag slip was also shared, showing an 8.994 1/4 mile time with a trap speed of 155mph according to the video.

Check out the video below:


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Tesla’s previous 1/4 mile record time was set at 9.23 by Jay Leno in a Model S Plaid, from earlier this year.

The Model S Plaid driven by Christine above looks modified and is not stock, as seats inside the electric sedan appear to have been removed, allowing for a weight reduction, in the news shared by @tomtharp.