GM to Remove Chevy Bolt EV Restrictions with Software Update, Starting Today

After deciding last month that LG would be paying for General Motors’ (GM’s) Chevy Bolt recall, the company is deploying a software update that’s expected to solve the electric vehicle’s (EV’s) fire issues.

GM said it plans to drop restrictions on where Chevy Bolt EV drivers can park and charge, with a new software becoming available within the next 30 days, according to Automotive News. The company said the software update will be available from Chevy dealerships starting today.

The software update automatically sets the Bolt’s maximum charging capacity to just 80 percent, as detailed by GM spokesperson Kevin Kelly.

Those with a 2019 Chevy Bolt are to schedule a service appointment with their dealerships as soon as possible, GM said, while those with Bolt units from other years await a letter from GM when it becomes available for their vehicles.

In August, GM was forced to recall every Chevy Bolt unit ever made because of fire risks associated with the battery, and the company even went on to ask drivers of the Chevy Bolt to leave ample space when parking, in case of battery fires.

GM also halted Chevy Bolt production following the recall, though the company later continued producing the EV.

Last month, GM also announced plans to double its annual revenue by 2030 as part of a push towards EVs.