Tesla’s Giga Berlin Factory Reviewed by Sandy Munro [VIDEO]



In a recently published YouTube video, auto expert Sandy Munro reviews everything we learned about Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg during the county fair event on October 9, and in the days after.

The 33-minute video covers everything from the site itself to Tesla’s production philosophy for the factory and its plans for the future.

Munro was highly impressed by the factory itself and remarked that it will help Tesla make massive leaps in production capacity. “This thing is built for half a million products per year, easy,” said the automotive expert.

Munro said he expects maximum line speeds of about 45 seconds, meaning that an electric vehicle (EV) will make it off the production line every 45 seconds.

“The quality of these cars coming out of Germany” will be “top-notch”, said Munro. He also touched upon the German EV market, which will now see Tesla going toe-to-toe against Volkswagen on its home turf.

VW is already concerned, and rightfully so, with the company’s CEO reportedly saying up to 30,000 job losses could occur in the shift to electrification.

Munro went on to describe the next five years for EVs and for the automotive industry as a whole as “earth-shattering”, all the while talking us through the details his car manufacturing-experienced eyes spotted in images from inside Giga Berlin and the factory tour.

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