Tesla Teases ‘Don’t Mess With Tesla’ Belt Buckle with Texas Vibes



Photo: @Omead Afshar

Tesla’s Elon Musk confirmed official plans to move its headquarters to Texas on Thursday, and with the news, a new Texas-style belt buckle has surfaced celebrating the company’s new Texas roots.

On Thursday, Elon Musk’s brother @Kimbal Musk shared a photo of a Texas-style belt buckle that includes the words “Don’t mess with [Tesla],” with a Tesla logo in the center of a Texas star.

Photos were also shared by @Omead Afshar, who works at Tesla in the office of the CEO, according to the user’s Twitter bio.

The supposedly limited-edition belt buckle appears to have been made available for Tesla insiders attending the company’s 2021 shareholder meeting, held yesterday at Giga Texas. It’s unclear if this accessory will ever hit the Tesla online store, but many owners and fans of the company want one.

“Don’t Mess with Texas” is an anti-littering campaign launched way back in 1986, helped by Texan Willie Nelson.

Along with an official move of its headquarters, the company has also been constructing its Gigafactory Austin, which is slated to go online later this year.

In addition to its car business, Tesla has also filed to sell electricity in Texas, according to a filing unveiled in August.

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