Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta 10.2 Releasing Friday to 1,000 Owners with ‘Perfect Scores’



Photo: AI Addict

As Tesla prepares to widen the release of its next update for semi-autonomous driving, the company’s head has confirmed that perfect drivers will get it first.

@Elon Musk said on Thursday that every Tesla driver with a perfect safety score will receive the Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta 10.2 on Friday, likely again at midnight PDT. The comments came in response to one user asking if there will be seniority for those with 100/100 scores.

In earlier comments, Musk has also explained that the update will roll out to about 1,000 owners per day, with drivers that have scores of 99 getting it after a few days, then 98, etc.

Musk also reported on Monday that there are roughly 1,000 drivers with perfect scores, so it shouldn’t be surprising if those with high, but not perfect, safety scores start seeing these updates over the weekend.

Tesla’s FSD beta is currently deployed to about 2,000 users, though that number will grow drastically over the course of the next week.

Some San Francisco city officials have aired concerns about the upcoming release, claiming that its name gives drivers a false impression and its safety record is worth being worried about.

Others have called the term “Full Self-Driving” misleading and irresponsible, but the FSD beta’s impressive driving and learning capabilities speak for themselves.


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